Draw Me In

February 1, 2013
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Verse One: I don’t know what I’m supposed to be singing,
I don’t know what the acceptable answer is,
But you’re looking at me with those honest eyes, and I’m
Spellbound, hypnotized,
You draw me in again

I guess you could say, that you’re just everything to me,
Because I study you like that book I love,
With the beautiful cover, and the well worn pages,
I know you like the back of my hands,
You draw me in again

Chorus: Won’t you just remember,
That spark we had, that fateful summer,
When thoughts of you, covered up my mind,
You don’t think that I notice you
Would you run away if you knew the truth?
Look at me, smile at me, anything
You draw me in again

Verse Two: Look at the way we fit together,
Like puzzle pieces that lost each other in the world in the sea,
We found each other against the odds, against any kind of reality,
You draw me in again

You look at me with that crooked smile,
You don’t know how wonderful you are,
And I try to memorize the way you live your life,
No looking back, head over heels,
You draw me in again


Bridge: You don’t notice me, like I notice you,
Would you run away if you knew the truth?
I might take that jump; I might take that leap,
For you…

*Repeat first half of Verse One*

Notice me, Notice how he,
Draws me in again

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