The One Worth Fighting For

February 3, 2013
1st Verse:
Is it just me, or am I,
The only one I know who’s alone,
And you can see it,
When all my friends have someone.
And despite the way that this is bugging me,
I’ll always wait for him you see,
Cause I know that he’s out there,
And he’s searching for me.
And I’m trying not to be,
Oh so picky.
But if you only knew,
Everything about him you would see.
That the person that I want him to be,
Is the only one out there just like me.
He’ll make me laugh about,
Silly things.
And I hope that he can play guitar,
And talk about 80’s music in his car,
Jump on a trampoline,
And star at the stars.
And if who I am will be who I’ll be,
Then I’ll find that someone just like me.
He’ll be everything and more,
He’ll be the one worth fighting for.
2nd Verse:
And now that I know,
What I am looking for, I can prepare to be,
all that he’ll want and more.
I’ll try to be kind to everyone,
And learn to make life a little more fun.
I’ll even learn to cook and clean,
I think you know what I mean.
And if you’re gonna be,
Oh so picky
I’ll make you see,
What you’re looking for is me.
Let’s make who we are be who we’ll be,
And one day, you’ll find me…

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