Please say your eyes are lieing to me.

February 3, 2013
Theres not enough minutes in a day,
to stutter to you, what I'd love to say,
So I'll breathe these words into my palms,
I can't believe you've waited this long.
Lifting my hands aside your ears,
they begin to expose my mind and fears.

Your standing there, I'm walking down the isle,
when I turn my head, will you grimace or smile?
Because deep down, I know if you ever left,
even my own smell would repulse me,
having to stitch your scent inside my lungs,
so I could try to breathe properly.

Now your asking to call me later,
for now theres to many words,
but I'm trying to stop this stupidity,
and you thinking I'm absurd.

That will be the discussion, that will linger on my skin.
How could you demand me to stop, before I even begin?
Is it to much a hassle to stare and stay,
then absorb in your pores, everything I have to say?

With the hours, just rolling by, waiting for your call,
I'm living in my thoughts.
So before I hear your voice,
It's not really long at all.

Let me explain to you, how your the worst person for my health,
because around you, I know I can't act myself.
I'll stare into a mirror, but it's only you I'll see,
feautures slowly melting and morphing,
into what you wish for me to be.
You've kneaded my mind,
as Ive surrendered my all,
I've climbed behind you,
and cried that its time to end this eternal brawl.

But you've hinted, you must be leaving now,
so I'm quick to set down the phone,
because a disconnected signal, always reminds me I'm alone.

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WritingDancer said...
Feb. 10, 2013 at 6:01 pm
wow.  That was really good. :) I wish I could hear the music too....
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