La Seconda Morte

January 31, 2013
It is said you die twice,
Once when your time has passed,
Second when your name is spoken last,
I can only wish my name is rung out,
Like towering church bells,
When my time comes,
I want it to come shaking into my cold dead cells,
I wish to live past time,
Not in spirit, but in mind.
I wish my thoughts to be infinite,
Ringing out like a bittersweet symphony,
I wish to evoke emotion,
To know my labors were worth the notion,
I only ask to touch just one,
Then I know my race has been worth the run,
I inspire to inspire,
Make a spark with nothing but wire,
I wish to be the one in stories,
Live for live and not for glory,
I hope to live on, past my days,
Get more out of life than it pays.

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