Lucky One

January 30, 2013
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(Guy) The guys are all around me
There’s no space to be seen
Everyone’s surrounding
You and me

They tell me I’m a lucky guy
I smile and say “I know.”
They tell me I’m a lucky guy
They know she’s my world

--Recited—Then she shakes her head and says,

I’m the lucky one
I’m a planet
And he’s my sun
You don’t see
How much he means
How much he is
To me.”)

(Girl) I look around and I see
Everything reminds him of me
I look around and I know
I’ll never leave him in the cold

They say “He’s a lucky guy
To catch a girl like you.”
I shake my head and I smile
When I wanna say “Screw you”


(Guy) She’s everything

(Girl) He’s everything

(Both) To me!


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