Cry For Me

January 30, 2013
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I’m growing up
Like I’ve grown up already
I’m growing up
I’m gonna be gone someday
Four years more I’ll be
By your side
Four years more
Then one day you’ll cry
I’ll have my back turned, backing out
Of the driveway
I’ll have my hands out
Welcoming being free
I’ll ride onwards, toward the sunset
I know what I’m doing
So don’t you cry for me)
I’m in college
Wasn’t that your dream?
I’m in college
And living like a queen
They don’t treat me bad in here
They all welcome me
Don’t fear
I had my back turned, backed out
Of the driveway
I had my hands out
Welcomed being free
I rode onwards, toward the sunset
I knew what I was doing
So you didn’t have to cry for me)
Now I’m a mother
And I know how it feels
To have your daughter
Back away from you
Then I remember
What I said to you then
And my daughter
Says it to me again

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