To Be Caught In a Heartbreak

January 26, 2013
By booklover13 GOLD, Carmichael, California
booklover13 GOLD, Carmichael, California
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When life goes wrong, just yell "PLOT TWIST!" and move on.

To be caught in a heartbreak
Is so unique a trail
You wish so hard it’d go away
Yet know it’ll stay for awhile

You wish you could go to the past
And see what you should’ve saw
And still you wish you were still blind
And innocent to it all

Your heart is mashed and smashed and hurt
Beyond all grief and pain
And yet somehow you’re stronger
Despite this crushing pain

You tell yourself, “I’m better than this”
And pick yourself back up
Then the pain comes crashing in
And stops and chokes you up

You can’t listen to the radio
Without forbidden thoughts
Of days gone by and dances danced
But all of it for naught

The music hurts so you turn it off
And turn to a book to look
But then you see the falling in love
In your mind more than just a book

You lie at night and hate him
But you hate yourself as well
For choosing out the wrong guy
Each and every time you fell

You hate yourself for wanting him
Despite all he has done
You hate yourself for wanting to go back
And change what had gone wrong

You hate yourself for loving him
Because he doesn’t deserve a year
You hate yourself for crying at night
When he doesn’t deserve your tear

You see his face and you split in half
Why you do not know
One part wants to run to him
And stay in his strong hold

The other half looks at his face
And anger comes to play
You want to hiss and scream and punch
And make him go away

You listen as he tells you
You’re all he needs and wants
But those words mean nothing now
It’s all just fake and flaunt

You don’t trust yourself to believe what he says
Yet no matter how hard you try
You want so badly to believe
But the memory stays in your mind

Of times like words like these
Were not said to one but two
So now they just hit and bounce right off
‘Cause they mean nothing to you

Yet deep down in your secret heart
You want them to be true
But if you travel farther than that
You’re scared they might be too

There’s no one there to talk to
‘Cause no one understands
The pain you feel is only known
To those who have felt it’s bands

To be caught in a heartbreak
Is unlike anything
And it’s only known to others
Who have also felt its sting

The author's comments:
This ones for all those out there who felt as I have felt, but couldn't put it in words. As I like to say, "People who say happily ever afters don't exist, believe so because they don't have theirs. However, happily ever after can only be attained by those who believe in them." (Personal Quote)

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