Keep Going

January 21, 2013
My heart keeps beating,
my lungs keep breathing,
my eyes keep seeing.
But I am not awake.
Today looks just like yesterday,
Every time I try to change it,
they cannot rescucitate.
What Ive been waiting for,
now I can't wait anymore.
It's over.
It's not over.
Wedged between right and wrong,
taking an empty breath.
Calling with a nonexistant voice,
I just want my life to be my choice.
I cannot shake this undead feeling,
not caring or wanting for anything of anything.
Take the past and play it over,
all I see is a blur,
of my own emotions.
Wedged between the light and the dark,
taking an empty breath.
Calling out with a feeble cry,
I'm wondering why it's so hard to die.
It's over now,
no, it has just begun.

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