Open Your Eyes

January 21, 2013
Sometimes I look around thinking what a waste,
then I smile in the mirror and thank God for toothpaste.
Everytime I start feeling like the world's gone cold,
I snuggle up under warm blanket folds.
Even though I'm sure guys wouldn't like them lots,
I walk around in my fuzzy polka dot socks.
Open your eyes,
see through all the lies.
Follow the beat of life's music,
then find the right time to use it.
I'm singing these words out loud,
takin' a breath so that I sound proud.
Honestly, I'm terrified of singing aloud,
and there's no one special out in the crowd.
But I am not going to pretend anymore,
I just want to slap this cup on the floor.
No matter how stupid my life seems to be,
When someone asks "Are you okay?" I say absolutely.
Open your ears,
face all of your fears.
Follow the beat of life's music,
hold onto it tight so you never lose it.
So sing along to this crazy, crud,
it reminds of squishing my toes in the mud.
What that is relevant to I dont know,
but I know that I made you smile before I had to go.

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