Hip Hop Critic

January 20, 2013
I am a music lover hip hop in particular
To hear such lyricism I am a stickler
Oh it is so neat to watch a crowd rise to their feet
The excitement felt at the drop of a beat

Hip Hop has been dilluted
This cheap imitation played on the radio is polluted
Those who are not adequate are played frequently
Trash floods the airways, you have to search for some decency

I'm 17 so for the old school, I wasn't alive
I heard LL say he couldn't live without his radio, I could definitely survive
Artist make a big splash on the internet
But your album has been out sinc last March and the fans haven't got it yet

I should send the record labels a letter
And tell them I'm not in Marvin's Room but "I'm just saying you can do better"

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