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By , Cave Spring, GA
Push the button
Push the button
Use the remote
Turn it on
The glass screen is the gateway to the timeless icons
Static fades
Static fades
It fades and fizzes away
They live behind behind the window to the world
And sleep within our boiling brains
So shuffle it off, your mortal coil
Lay it down, your heavy load
Come on, come on, turn it on
Let's run away, down that yellow brick road
Larger than life they're waiting, the invincible icons
Can't wait to watch
Can't wait to listen
Can't to stay
Stay and see
We're taking the plunge
Down the rabbit-hole
Into their kind of immortality

So it's time for them to take up their lightsabers
Their grenades, their singing swords
It's time for the last stand
Beat the bad guys (mostly) win
Rally every able hand
The final battle must begin
Against our fears
Against our peers
Against the very darkest part
That we know lives in the coldest
Burning center of our hearts
Sneaking into the minds of the masses we are, do you see?
We took our place in the audience of the past
We dared to step through that magic looking glass
The silver screen, the newest scene
The voice, the body of the icons
That strange machine, the TV

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