The Hurt That Remains 2012

December 31, 2012
I put on the mask/ To shield the pAin/ Just another face/ And no one knows/ What I hold back/ Not in the mood today/ To talk. / Can’t take the pain/ Of another loss/ Cause in my heart/ I know the cause of the pain Is yOu. I haven’t forgot the pain/, but I know you have forgotten me/ like it was that easy/ No one cares what I lost/ Cause I already lost yOu, Without a cause Without a wrong Without a name/ For the pain/I feel in my heart/ All the same.. The hurt that remAins/ I sit here and watch the rain/ Wonder when will I see the sun?/ Waiting for something to happen, the silence to end/ But what do I gotta do/ To take my miNd off you?/ What do I gotta do to ease the pain of missing you?/ What do I gotta do when there’s nothin’ left to do?/ What do I wanna do when I’ve already lost you?/ I just want you to know my name,/ feel my pain/say my name, remember me/ when I didn’t hide my face,/ from the Hurt that remains/ are we still friends/ I wanna scream you’re name/ but then you say, I’ll never change/ I wanna remove the mask/ so I don’t feel the pain/ the way I did that day/ but couldn’t find the words/ to make you stay/ you said that’s okay/ everybody has those days/ when they lose their faith/ but it’ll be okay, just try again another day/I’m sure he’ll understand/ But I know he’s not the kind to understand/ everybody has those days/ when ThE hurt remAaains/ I put on the mask to shield the pain/ make up on my face to cover the pain when hurt remains.

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