'there for you'

January 3, 2013
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Every time I look
in her eyes
she's so fine,just
like the cloudless skies
a part of my puzzle piece
that I'll never ever want to miss.

Don't need descriptions coz her face tells it all
that special girl always wona be there for
an angel sent from up above
who I'll forever have.


Counting stars under the coconut tree
me and her,we are a reality
I want you you you
a girl I never want to lose.


I don't wona sound like a sad piano-beat
when you are gone and can't be here with me
whenever you want
me close
just call and I'll be there for you.

Missing you makes me want to cry
without you I know I'll only die
whether or not I'm superman
just call and I'll be there for you.


You always take most of my time
with the first thought,I already knew you are in my life
happy always you make me be
I need you with every heart-beat.


You knock me off the ground
hold me tight so you don't fall down
I promise you'll be my only date
we'll make it sweet like we are in a fairy-tale.

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chris wilson said...
Jan. 4, 2013 at 2:46 pm
i liked the poem. it said alot, alot of things i would probably say to a girl. but, if i was to right a poem like this one, i would be more...ummm i dont know...pasific about the girl i love and gave my heart to.
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