Mommy I Love You

December 22, 2012
Sometimes I look back and I don’t know who I am
Its the memories I can never hold back
Those happy times
Those smiles left behind
It was you who was always on my mind
Oh mommy I love you and don’t you worry
Cos’ I love you

Even though we are far apart
I think of you from day to day
Seeing your name pulls my heart away
Missing your face
Makes me lose my way
Hearing all these sad things
Makes me wanna hold you and say

Oh mommy i love you
Oh these words are so true
Its you, oh its you
The one who I will always hold on to

We’ve been thru so much
Despite the distance between us
You’ve suffered so much pain
Probably going insane overing worrying about us two
Oh mommy I love you

Oh don’t worry about us
Is something I will never say
cuz i know a Mommy’s job
Is always, to look after their babies
Oh a small little frame of this lovely lady
Holding up the sky and never burden free
Oh you are the bravest lady i know
The one that i love dearly so
Oh mommy I love you
Oh your baby says yes its true

Across the seas
Across the moon
Across the universe right at you
These feeling inside
Of us all
May this be your last year of it all
I will try my best
To take the sky from your hands
And share burden with you
Someday , when I’m old enough to take it all from you
Oh yeah mommy I love you
Don’t worry if these words are true
Cos’ I can guarantee that my love for you
Is soooo true

Oh mommy I love you don’t you go thinking it isn’t true
For all these times its been real
Maybe the duties I have of being your daughter
Oh I’m sorry I failed you
I never knew all these times I’ve been such a burden for you
Oh mommy I apologize to you
I didn’t mean for all this to happen to you

You may think you are not a good mom
But I got to tell you
Your not only my mom
You are a hero
The one who stood tall
To all the fears and worries and all
You fought all these fights despite your small frame
And lastest oh so long
Oh mommy I love you
oh uh oh I love you
love you

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