Love Is Complicated

December 5, 2012
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Do you love her? Could ya last forever? Do you want her? Do you truly, really want her because you change your mind constantly. Why don’tcha see me? Cause we could last forever, why don’tcha see that... that I love you. Yeah, I love you. Hoah. Last year, we had it all, yeah we, had a good friendship. So why does it seem like this year that you, that you want to end it? What’s going on?


Because time again and time again, you keep changing your mind. Seeing her instead of me, you don’t see all the hurt inside.I lean back and I think of that bright Saturday day, when everything bad was suddenly going to be okay, I felt like I could pull through, and then I want to hate you for all that you do, but I can’t... instead I have to love you. I just wish I could know if you loved me too. Oh, love is complicated.


Love is like a game that everybody wants to play, but no one hardly ever wins. Instead of trying to solve their problems, they forfeit. Running through this life with heavy baggage on their shoulders, keep running from the past that will eventually pull them under oh....But it doesn’t have to end that way.

You know, I bet I spend at least an hour a day, just daydreaming about you, but I want a red rose instead of a violet that’s blue, yeah baby I want you. So why are you standing and hanging ‘round with the wrong crowd, can’t you see that they’re just going to keep pulling you down, instead of lifting you up? And I want to be there for you, I really, truly do, but



When I hear my favorite song on the radio, I think of you. When I see a broken heart, I think of what’s going to become of you two. When I see a beautiful flower blossoming after a cold and harsh winter, I think of us, cause we’ve both torn apart by the world and the people that we thought we loved, but through it all we could have each other, and honestly to me that would be more than enough. Ohohohohoh. You are b-e-a-utiful, and our relationship is unusual because


Love is comp. comp. comp. comp. complicated, but you you you you you are worth it, but I stood out in the snoooow and waited for you, but you didn’t come. You didn’t come, noooooo.



Oh, love is a game that everybody wants to play, but no one hardly ever wins. Oh, love, love is complicated.

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colorguardgrl This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Dec. 10, 2012 at 12:18 pm
talk to him about it if he doesnt know then how will you ever be together. friends are great just dont be too over the top then he might think youre desprrete
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