Fake Identity

December 5, 2012
I'm broken
Trying to say this to you
And I'm done, so done
With trying to get through
No I don't want to hear it
And no I don't want to be here
(Listen up)

I'm trying to show you
Just who I am
I'm done with pretending
I'm tired of all the faking
But I don't think you can handle me
Without this fake Identity

Oh I'll stay down in my room
I'll be who I'm not around you
To hell with this fake Identity
I'm taking off this costume
Hanging it up and hope it will never come back down
Oh but here comes the thoughts ohh they're coming back around
(Can't you see)


What hurts the most is
You all think this is who I am
Would you be surprised if I told you
You were wrong
This is only who I've become
So take a seat and listen to me
I've got something to say


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