A Minute or Two

November 27, 2012
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I’ve been so busy, so much left to do,
But I have time for a minute or two.
Before I begin, I have to confess,
It’s been a long time since I felt like this.
And I know that you don’t know what to surmise
Don’t know how to feel; it was too much a surprise.
And I know you’ve been busy, moving ahead
Trying to understand the thoughts in your head.
The last thing you needed was further confusion.
Was it a dream or a clever illusion?
I missed being friends; I regret my past actions,
I did it for you, despite my remaining attractions.
But is it too late? We can’t relive the past.
Though a year ago I thought that kiss would be our last.
You’d never hold me in your arms, or take my hand,
And no one else would “get me,” somehow you understand.
I don’t want to pressure you; you said you didn’t know
How you felt or what you wanted, but you didn’t let go.
Are you going to try to get back with her? The ex, most recently.
You said you didn't feel as close with her as you did with me.
The distance is far; you could’ve changed your mind,
And I wouldn’t be all that shocked to find
That it meant nothing more than a weekend reunion,
Or that in the end, it was my delusion.
Maybe you didn’t think of me, maybe you never will.
I guess I really cared for you, and I do care still.
I shouldn’t send you this – messy and weak and flawed.
I’m sure I sound about 10 years old, infatuated and awed.
But like I said, I had a minute or two to spare,
To think of you and to write this down, just to say I care.

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