Does She Know

December 2, 2012
I sometimes wonder if she knows,
just how lucky she is to have you,
cause I know that it just blows,
watching you two.

She's got a boy with a brain,
and a heart of gold,
drives me insane,
since he's not mine to hold.

He's got a smile so wide,
and a great sense of humor,
makes me feel so alive,
it makes me crave him more.

Does she know the gem that she's got?
He's more that just gold,
He's the guy I've saught,
and he's not mine to hold.

I've waited my whole life,
for a guy like him,
but I can't hold this any longer,
I'm in love with him.

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Kay_Kay said...
Dec. 4, 2012 at 5:20 am
Oh honey, you have put my emotions in words! Isn't it just awful, falling for that one amazing perfect guy, that one who is your bestfriend and always there for you, only to have your heart tumble to the ground when you see him... with her... they are so happy! But then there is that feeling... *insert feeling of knives stabbing into your heart* yeah, if only he was happy like that with you I love these lyrics, they capture the struggle beautifully :) (However painful it may be) :)
FaithSnyder16 replied...
Jan. 29, 2013 at 4:41 pm
Thank you so much, and I can really really see that you understand completely what I'm going through. I sometimes wish they'd break up and she'd break his heart so I could show him I love him and he deserves better but...... I can't... I can't wish it because I know how much that would destroy him, he loves her and he's happy... I'd rather have him happily in love with someone then horribly lost with me.... because I would feel guilty about the whole thing... but deep... (more »)
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