From Dust

November 28, 2012
By Lithium96 SILVER, Stuart, Iowa
Lithium96 SILVER, Stuart, Iowa
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Favorite Quote:
"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are"- Kurt Cobain

Walking with no purpose down this forgotten dirt road
Straight for what seems forever maybe it goes
?With you by my side I feel I can conquer death ?
And with this sun on my back I feel I can have my last breath
I wouldn't even care I could fall down dead right now
Because laughter never lasts
and tears will soon rain down

All the way past this little abandoned church ?
Looking every way for nothing in particular ?
Slowly across the highway we aren't in a rush ?Cemetery looks so mysterious after dusk ?
And we feel good now
but those feelings soon will rust
Because happiness is temporary
and in sorrow we will trust

So help me find the little glimpse of heaven in my head
A piece of me I lost in time and don't let it go to bed Maybe I love you
or maybe i’m just a little bit confused
My dad said I was nothing and from this I just knew That this is where I will not die
a place is where i'll go
What anything holds
where the future is I do not know

So help me lose myself
and forget the hate again
My feet are getting tired
I love your pretty smile my friend ?
This dusty road is soothing to the body
to the mind
?And what the morning holds is nothing
because it will be gone tonight
A path that lead to the end of nowhere is the one
I most tread
Breaking all my fears we're lost as the
east turns red
And I know maybe sometimes we fall and
you forget all of this
I know we all just hate to reminiscence
The times we had together
because now we're both alone
?This dirt road stands broken into the field ?
it's morning
?we should go home

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece about me and an old friend both of us in the middle of depression. The simple act of me and her walking all day down a dirt road behind her house and talking about nothing really at all.

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