November 25, 2012

I've been ...
looking in all the wrong places
I've been hiding the truth
I've been holding on too long
You can see nothing's really new
I've been walking on trouble
I've been walking on glass
This my History
All the struggles that I've had

This is where it all begins
I started breaking promises
I became someone
Who's never seen the light
I was a force in the the world
I was unprepared

You don't want to miss this
It's above the climax
I was tripping over people
I was finding myself
But then a storm came along
And everything was gray
I was coming back 
To all my mistakes



It's been traumatic
It's been a train wreck
It's been a movie
I was the actress
I was the outcast
It was a fault
It was a window
That finally let me out


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