A Cry to Deaf Ears

November 19, 2012
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The world as we know it,
Is coming to an end
Regardless if we show it,
It's what we all intend
But Hope's still here
And it's crying out
Only to reach deaf ears
That ignore its urgent shout
What's become of man?
Where has all the kindness gone?
We have been touched by an evil hand
Meant to live life as a pawn
But Hope's still clear
And it's run its route
Only to reach deaf ears
That are tainted by unknown doubt
The Darkness has us trapped
It has corrupted every soul
Around our morals, it is wrapped
And we are forced to play its role
But The Light's nearby
And it shines so bright
Only to reach blind eyes
That dismiss it from their sight
There'll be no way back
If we continue down this path
Under constant attack
From our brethren's misled wrath
The Light will die
Overcome by the blight
Fading past blind eyes
That will continue this endless fight
Now Hope sheds a tear
As The Light still tries
To entreat deaf ears
And to greet blind eyes

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