It Don't Matter

November 3, 2012
Throwing words left and right
Feels like you've stabbed me with a knife
Black clouds roll in on this blue day
From the things you've said and the others you'll never say
I know you'll never come back to me
It don't matter anymore, 'cause this is the last time you're leaving
Going further north while I stay south
Just 'cause I can't shut my stupid mouth
I never meant it, but I guess it don't matter
Yeah, I know I just put my heart on a silver platter
You took it at first
Happy to have some freedom from the hurt
Now it's the same old story, but this time 'round
History won't repeat itself like it used to be bound
'Cause I swear it don't matter that I cry myself to sleep
It don't matter that I want to burn the things I keep
The memories, the pictures, the old and the new
Anything that reminds me of happiness reminds me of you
So I’ll go back to my old, friendly chatter
To remind everybody that It Don’t Matter

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