Don't Say You Love Me Now

November 2, 2012
By Belarus BRONZE, Columbus, Montana
Belarus BRONZE, Columbus, Montana
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Quoth the raven, "Nevermore."

Sometimes I see you in the night,
sometimes I think of you way to much.
Why do you haunt my dreams,
and stir up a fuss in my heart?
Did you truly love me,
all those times you told me?
Do you even see how much you hurt
my heart?
Can you see the scars on my chest,
they came from you.

Do you truly love me?
How can you say that you ever did?
Why don't you stop with the lies you made in my head.
At least stop putting the knife farther in my fragile heart.
I thought I was smarter than that to fall for you.

Oh oh oh oh no baby,
I'm singing a song to the melody.
Don't stop me,
while I'm going,
and don't drag me down,
while I'm flying away.
I let go of you and you're no longer in control.
You said you loved me,
but i can see that you're full of lies.

Do you truly love me?
How can you say you ever did?
Why won't you stop with this incoherent mystery?
I see you're nothing and mean nothing to me. I know your dirty little secret and I plan to tell.

I'm done.
I've stopped.
I'm going to put you in your place.
You hurt me,
I'm through with the pain!
Don't ever expect me to come running back,
cause you're not my problem.
You know that I'll let you fall if you come jumping back for me.

Just answer me this
did you even ever love me like you said you did?

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