November 1, 2012
By Anonymous

Then I transform
New man
Nothing from norm
Life unwritten
Help the forbidden
Who are trying to be forgiven
Many sins
Foreseers just grin

The poor are struggling
The poor are the forbidden
I am driven
To keep them out of prison
I’ll make it my mission
To keep their houses from foreclosure
I’m here to give you some disclosure
This is some indecent exposure
Let them keep their composure

Poor are alive
But need revived
Just barely breathing
Living day to day
This should not be on display
To many shades of grey
But life seems to replay
Time of day to change the play
Someone please listen
Let everyone see my vision
Get these people out of nonstop depression
I want to see some expression

Many evils in this world
Let’s build a new world
I’ll be your foreseer
I’ll make you a believer
No more forbidden
No one is hidden
You are all forgiven
This my vision
My ambition


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