got no wings

October 28, 2012
By dizzyizzylocolizzie BRONZE, Cullman, Alabama
dizzyizzylocolizzie BRONZE, Cullman, Alabama
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got no wings
but my heart still sings
I wish I was a bird
you may say this is absurd
but if I was a bird I'd bid on how high
I could fly across the

but I got no wings
you're pulling on my heart strings

I got no wings this is my goodbye singing
and boy you wish you were a star
they way you drive in that fancy car

You act so snooty with that loud mouth
Yes, you know we are from the South
Fairy tales say kiss a frog and he'll turn into a prince

Well' I think I hit a fence
'cause you're more like a toad
so hit that dead gum road

oh how I wish I was a bird
so I could fly high in that sky

but I got no wings
I'd fly away
but I got no wings
so, here I stay

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