October 25, 2012
Everyone tells you
That there is no way
You’ll always be stuck
There is no escape

But they don’t you,
They don’t know your dreams
They may not see you,
But they’ll hear your screams

It will be worth it
One day you will see
You may now be hurting
But soon you’ll be free

You’ll be done the lies
And with all the trends
And they’ll watch you rise
They’ll want to be your friend

See it in your mind
Try to make it true
Don’t let it slip away
Be one of the few

Slipping through your fingers
Sliding through your hands
Try to gain control
Try to take a stand

You don’t need their approval
It won’t help you anyway
Just keep your strength and passion
It will never lead you astray

Don’t let them bring you down
The don’t know what you do
Just be the one you know
Be a better you

To stare you must see
To run you must walk
To fly you must jump
To sing you must talk

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