Fire and Ice

October 19, 2012
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Set my heart on fire, I'm too numb to feel the burn. I buried it in ice last week, this pain I did not earn. I grew numb from the coldness, as the ice tore at my heart. all the pain that I have suffered, wish I'd been numb from the start. So pour gasoline all over me, and throw my lighter in. I'll cherish every thought of you, as the flames peel off my skin. Chorus;*Fire and ice, a war I'll never win. This love inside for you, nothing more than a sin. Your love burns through me, I hardly know it's there. Your words are ice cold, is this how you show you care? We're fire and ice. This love is fire and ice.** You make me miss you deeply, when you speak whats in your heart. But your feelings are always changing,and so I slowly fall apart. I'm too numb to feel the bullet, so press the gun into my head. My last thoughts of lost love, and all the things we never said. Repeat chorus x2. A razor to my throat, watch me prepare to slice. When it comes down to it, we're just fire and ice. Would you miss me if I go? Would you watch me walk away? Listen to me sing a song, about all the things you'll never say. Fire and ice, kept all your lies alive. Watch me choke on this betrayal, watch me struggle to survive. Repeat chorus. Set my heart on fire, I'm too numb to feel the flame. Took a frozen soul to see it, but now I know it won't be the same.

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