October 25, 2012
By pUnKy BRONZE, Licking Mo., Missouri
pUnKy BRONZE, Licking Mo., Missouri
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Favorite Quote:
do to others as you want done to you!

I sit,
by nature only,
with nature i need not to hide,
who i am,
to people i desperately need a mask,
to cover what i believe is ugly.

without the mask,
where will i hide?
i will have nothing,
to cover my un baring looks.
unsure what to think,
i get lost,
in uncontrollable thoughts.

until i know the truth,
of what to believe is me,
i will not love myself.
wanting to become wanted.

i remain hidden in the shadows,
like a ghost that stalks the night.
maybe someday,
i will be loved for me.
until then,
i will wait for that day,
to come to me.

The author's comments:
so many girls bring themselves down and they shouldn't everyone is beautiful in there own way and people that say your not are jelious of you.

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