It Just Got REAL

October 24, 2012
I’ve been in a daze for the past few days,
Staring in to space, guess I’m going through a phase
I got this blank look going on, go away,
But this stare on my face just wants to stay,
Looking at myself standing in the mirror,
I wouldn’t even recognize myself last year,
Eyes all wide, full of tears,
I want to cry but my pride interferes,
Then focus sets in, and fear disappears,
No matter what you say, I’ll be prepared,
I’ve been through a lot this year who cares?
Now nothing in this world can make me scared,
Just like bread I’m expected to rise,
I don’t care about the dough, I just care about my prize,
Cuz only God knows, that its what’s keeping me alive
I live for this, in a heartbeat I would die for it
Man I strive for this, I came 3000 miles, I arrived for this,
And when I get there, you best believe,
They all look at me like they want me to leave,
I can tell by the looks that I receive,
None of them think I will ever succeed,
They can’t see cuz they’re blind
Cuz I know I’m stronger then and army of five
You’d find yourself sorry trying to steal my pride,
There’s been so many that have tried,
Only one came close, and ironically he died
Should of know better, cuz that’s suicide,

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