Mind made if stone

October 20, 2012
By Brokengirl07 PLATINUM, Roy, Utah
Brokengirl07 PLATINUM, Roy, Utah
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I try so hard yeah I do
But it seems I'm the only one who sees
The worst out come of every single thing
And I know it's not my fault
But I'm the only one who believes
They say you control what you think
(Ha they're wrong)

But do they know
It's so hard to change a mind
That's already set in stone
I know the things I know
And believe in what I've learned
It's not my fault it's always from the worst situations
(My cups half empty)

I've kept my chin up
Yeah I stray from all the doubt
But somehow the truth sold me out
And I'm back where I began
Trying so desperately to believe
To be strong and just move on
But its hard when you just can't get up
(I just don't have the strength)


So I'll write on this paper
The things no one will ever hear
Lets be real
Nothing good can happen
I've tried for so damn long
And nothing's come along to prove me wrong
Ohh but there's still a bit of faith
Yeah it's hiding in the dark

But do they know
My minds set in stone

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