If I Am

October 18, 2012
By Brandon Prater BRONZE, Taylor, Michigan
Brandon Prater BRONZE, Taylor, Michigan
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If I am a fire, you're the water to put me out
You're filled with salt and such, a famine and a doubt
Oh, please believe me, you are one I could live without
So I'll keep burning. And I'll burn this city down

If I am a soldier, you're the spy that's in my sights; that I
let go in pity, for what I feel is damn well right
Oh, please believe me, cause I'm trying to be polite
Yet you have killed me, when I gave you the green light

If I am a liar, you're the lie that's in my breath
You're blindly fooling others, and you're the reason I'm so stressed
Oh, please believe me, I'm sincerely that impressed
I'd call it gutsy, to keep me at unrest

If I am a drug, then you're the brain that I f*** up
You're spinning still in circles, while you hide in midnight shrubs
Oh, please believe me, I'm the poison in you're cup
So best stay away from me, before I murder all your cubs

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