Prayer to the Patron Saint of Alcatraz

October 10, 2012
(Verse 1)
A petition soaked in penance
Will you help her turn the page?
A penitentiary wrought with menace
Can you direct her to her cage?
Seal the door with just a kiss
Go make a head count and tell us what’s gone amiss
So tell us
Who’s missing?

Will she swim like the swan?
Or drown like a stone?
And now while they’re gone
She can file her bones
And is that a grudge smeared on her pretty face?
They’ve put a butterfly in splints
Cold creature of ignorant grace
Falls softly on my finger prints

(Verse 2)
And on the eve of her leave
She restrained her restraints on the floor

She said ‘My soul’s in a jar’
And she screamed through the bars
‘I am no prison w****!’
Between her thighs came her cries by the knuckles
She chuckled and felt herself faint
She cried ‘might as well, grind the gates of my hell
Please seduce me my tainted white saint’


(Verse 3)
She plead for a sin she could borrow
Her hunger for impurity
Well dove, if you starve then you don’t have to go far
Just swallow your goddamn ID
Oh what a shame
She hasn’t noticed has she?
Why she’s forgotten her name
But she’ll settle for Cell XXIII

Why she’s your
Surrender your surrounded kind of dame
You’re the
‘Get out of jail free card’ of her game
Run, run, run our little alabastard shrew
Dive, dive, dive, dive, dive, dive, DIVE!
“So did she make it out alive?”
Oh if only we knew

Who’s missing?
‘Count again’
Who’s missing?
‘Please forget me every now and then’
Who’s missing?
Who’s missing?
Who’s missing?
Who’s missing?
Who’s missing?
Who’s missing?

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