Teach me to walk again

September 27, 2012
Waking in the shadows
who am I again
numbed of love
my eyes saw of the dark
what has happen to me
will I understand?

learning to take the steps
i'm waiting in my world
teach me how to walk again
show me what its like
to take those first steps
run into my arms
embracing my new world
teach my to walk again

ohhh I lost my way
I lost my self again
no emotions no remorse
I couldn't understand
heavy shackles chain me
no more breaking free

I cry into the night again
I cry for you
Teach me how to walk again
set me from this pain
show me what its like again
taking those first steps
run into my arms again
teach me one more time.
Show me the path of love
surely I'll reach it again

In the twilight aybess
Seeking for the truth
lost inside the lies
none can see me now
Nothing but a shadow
but waiting in the dark

Screaming in my cage tonight
can you hear my pleads
waiting for the answers
waiting for the truths
will I walk this path

Teach my how to walk
show me whats its like
to take those first steps again x2

Surely I'll understand
the dreams of which i'm wishing
never too be far
reaching out my hands again
I'll soon be able to touch
so just you wait
until i'm able to walk again
I'll run towards you soon.

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