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Graceful Flame

September 25, 2012
By AnarchistHeartland ELITE, Washington, District Of Columbia
AnarchistHeartland ELITE, Washington, District Of Columbia
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" Art is beauty everlasting "

In my mind, an image of your face

A shadow burned into the fireplace

So come and take my hand

Let me lead you to a place

Where the dark is not so bright

And the candle flame is not so full of life

Once you were the wax, burning strong and slow by my side

Now you are the wind, blowing away what kept me warm at night

You found me an empty shell, too afraid to break free

You found me lost inside this angry, crying sea

I clung to you like a child clings to their mother

You were my best friend, and my eternal lover

But even time was invented by man to mask the days

Every clear sky in my head has clouds filled of grey

You showed me how a man could love, could feel complete

Even when I choked back tears I could breathe a sigh of relief

Life to me was a game of chess, just a puzzle to be solved

Every move that turned out right led to another that was wrong

I cried like a little child until you held me in your arms

And whispered "Everything will be ok"

You showed me passion, and life's gentle touch

When love to me had meant nothing much

You lay next to me in my bed, where dreams of the future ran in my head

Rings and diamonds would never mean enough for you, instead

I showed you the sun above the harbor bay, I showed you the moon through rainy days

I watched you blossom into the rose I always knew, petals and thorns to cut and bleed

And watched your hands slip from mine, so you could live the life you were destined to lead

I'm not here to mope and cry, I give my thanks one last time

For being my little diamond in the sky

For kissing me and showing me why

This love will never die

A contradiction I may be, because you were my fire in an endless sea

Thank you for letting me grow, And just let me, be me

The author's comments:
Gratefulness, for the love of your life allowing you to grow and learn with them

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