Lady Trista

August 31, 2012
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I used to be just like Cinderella
I had my very own Charming fella;
But now, I am just a damsel in distress
Since when was my fairytale playing in reverse?

Aren’t his eyes simply mesmerizing?
And his teeth pearly white?
How could I let myself lose him
Without the luxury of a fight?

My white horse was named Valentine
Named for the day he was given to me
But now, I have no true Valentine
I guess I had set them both free

You should have seen the gown I wore
On the morn of our wedding day;
Lustrous diamonds, softest silk, but now it lies
Burnt to ashes, atop a bale of hay

How could I fall for such a scoundrel?
Mother taught me better than that
All good girls like bad boys
Why did I ignore the warnings that it was a trap?

How could he give up on me so easily?
Well, I’d be exaggerating to say I’m divine, but
Known to all around, I was the envy of the town
Even before he become mine

Now my crown is just an artifact,
And our love is just a myth
How could I let my heart be so fragile?
All I can think about is the lack of a goodbye kiss

I used to take every step in glass slippers,
But princesses, beware my past
I let myself become smitten
And now, I walk on broken glass

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VballGirl143 said...
Sept. 27, 2012 at 9:10 pm
I love this song! I love the concept and the words that you used :)
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