I'm Better Than That

September 16, 2012
I could play a game of war
and leave you next to nothing.
Releasing all the rage, the pain
the hurt, the silent suffering.
I could make you wish that dirt
would bury you so deep,
it'd swallow your enormous pride
and everything you keep.
I could fight you, I could scream,
I could claw you in the eyes,
I could burn the house you live in,
I would do it with a smile.


You would've won the fight
before I'd cast my first sharp stone.
You would've got the reaction
that I know you're waiting for
You would've had the pleasure
to see me lose my self control.

And I'm better than that.

So whip me with the chains we forged,
the chains we both created.
Take a cheap shot at my back
because I know you couldnt face me.
And when that weight is off your chest
and you feel so elated.
Remember you will always be
the kid that everyone hated.

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