To My Player

September 18, 2012
Why do you keep doin this to my brain?
You keep playin this game and it drives me insane .
All this confusion all this pain .
Wonderin why you do this to me?
Build me high then kick me in the knee.
I wonder if you like to watch me fall or if you even like me at all?

Were you the masked man at the masquerade ball?
Shoe fits but it doesn’t seem like you at all.

Those eyes had me mesmerized,
Yours are full of masks and lies.

Those hands were firm yet those feet led me gracefully,
Yours………ow they are stepping on me.
Are you really my Romeo?
Am I your Juliet?
I fear I am just another girl
You will soon forget.
I am not here to be your play toy
Yet you still act like a play boy
I told you I like you
What do I have to prove?
Are you just trying to take,
What I’m not willing to lose?
So you get it from the girl down the lane then come back to kiss me and continue our game.
Someday I will make this change things will not remain the same.

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