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The Four Horsemen

September 16, 2012
By AnarchistHeartland ELITE, Washington, District Of Columbia
AnarchistHeartland ELITE, Washington, District Of Columbia
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Predators roam the plains, savage and fatal, I project my vision with words that pierce through you like a nucleus quasar

Call me Gabriel or Raphael the new archangel, I cross mental plains of the spatial so I can surf the wormhole of the time space mechanism and silence the faithful

Like clockwork you get swung back and forth into the motion, made to cause a commotion

You rise in tidal waves of anarchy, love and devotion a fire that never dies you can call it perpetual motion

I level cities because of pent up emotion, and I plan organized chaos through the intricate funnel web I have woven

Scorching the earth since I landed here from space, I ran through your user interface just to smack you in the face, elevated the human body to new states of human consciousness, Waved hello and double tapped ya and still remain anonymous

This work is autonomous, my shadow is ominous, Made damn sure the poison in my stings became synonymous with your esophagus

So today I call upon the horsemen to subjugate, objectify and judge the planet, they come to storm the plains of hell and smash your face into granite.

The red horse comes to signal the war, severe the scores of orators, slaying all of the wicked both domestic and foreigners, the dead hymn wails like an bloodbath orchestra

The white horse summons the will of conquest, the inevitable concept the slaughter of kings taken out of context, the fall of man to be determined in the apocalypse

The black horse of pestilence to bring disease to the people, stick in the pins and needles, no moral concept of wrong or illegal only to burn down the Muslims mosque and the Catholics cathedral

The pale rider comes in the form of the reaper, these meanings hit home much deeper, he ends your life because you were wicked and unjust, judged by the messiahs, the pharaoh kings and deemed as the corrupt. The toll bell sounds as the final sound you've met, he comes with scythe in hand as the one called Death

The seventh seal is broken and the Kingdom of Man is doomed to destruction

Nothing can stop this tragedy, every archer, hunter, priest, mage and norsemen

The call has sounded for the final days this is the will of God and the time of the horsemen

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