More Of Me

September 11, 2012
I'm trying to show more of me 
But every time I get scared for you all to see 
(scared for you to see) 
I know you wont approve 
Or you'll think I'm crazy 
(man so crazy) 
I swear I'm not, noott tooo meee

I could try and convince you 
But honestly what good will that do 
You never took the time before 
and I tried to accept I'd never get more
But I've grown tired of hiding 
I'm coming out for you all to see 

A little here and a little there 
Not to much I don't want you to stare 
It cuts me, binds me, pushes me down 
I swear who you're seeing isn't me 
(no its not me)
I pushed myself aside so cruelly 
(Ohh so cruelly) 


I'm taking off this war paint 
Ohh Wiping off this restraint 
You're not truly seeing me 
I'm busting down the walls 
Smiling slightly as it falls 
Ohhh I'm trying to show more of me more of me 

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