Engraved in My Heart

September 11, 2012
By Stories4love BRONZE, Danbury, Connecticut
Stories4love BRONZE, Danbury, Connecticut
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Sit here alone, locked in my room
Trying so hard to write this song for you
With chords that sound wrong, lyrics untrue
All about how I'm so in love with you
But love is so hard to express with a heart
That's been broken again and again
And as hard as I've tried to accept that we're friends
I can't keep from falling apart

So, why don't you tell me I wasted your time?
I won't tell you that you wasted mine
Cause I'm still in love
With every time you smiled
I know it's better if I just move on
But your name's still there
Engraved in my heart
So I won't forget you, after you leave
All that I ask, is please don't forget about me

Sit here and stare, at pictures of you
Telling myself it's too hard to be true
Face like an angel, eyes like the stars
How was I so close to end up so far
I ran out of time, I thought I'd survive
Without you here with me
But every time you float through my mind
It gets harder and harder to breathe

And now I can't sleep
My body is weak
I wish this was all just some big twisted dream
But I can't wake up
I don't have your love
And now I'm left all alone

Why did you have to go breaking my heart?
Couldn't yo stay right here in my arms?
Now I'm in pieces, now that you're gone
Before I could tell you that you were the one

The author's comments:
I wrote this song after I lost the person I fell in love with. The breakup was really affecting my everyday life so I wrote this to get it all out in the open and start to move past it.

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