Liquid Glass

September 11, 2012
When i look into this sea,
I see a reflection of something
that used to mean a lot to me.
Now its gone,
but i'd do anything to have it back.
Why'd you have to go,
Now you're all that i lack.
Everything i looked forward to
got snatched away from me,
And it's forever on my mind
even though i know we cant be.
This new body of water
has waves so familiar,
Certain things about the two
are starting to look so similar.
Or maybe is it that my mind,
is turning this sea to something
that i wish to find.
Or maybe is it that my heart,
is trying to super glue
the broken parts,
And make me believe
that what's in front of my eyes,
could become what used to be
the cause of my natural highs.
I know it's not fair
and makes things worse.
I guess i should get over
the ocean i used to live by first.
Every time i stare into this sea
i see my old love too,
And i know it wouldn't be right
to pretend it was you.

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