You Were Never Him

September 8, 2012
Drowning in the cold water, chasing what I think is you,
Making up stories to fit your quick remarks and eyes of blue.
But then I realized you were all in my head,
And my heart was full but my mind was dead.
Can you hear my storytelling? About what we never had, and looking back I'm glad.
I had no idea how mean a soul can be, until my heart was taken, and you broke me.
So I hope you're laughing and thinking you're clever, Because if you look up, you're gonna wish we were together.
I couldn't believe it when I saw you make me go,
Now I finally know, that you're never gonna grow.
Into who I thought you were. I was in love with who I thought you were.
I'm not over who I thought you were, but you're not him, you're just a pretty skin. And i won't let you win.
Now I know, you were never him.

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