The Best Of Me Is a Fake

September 10, 2012
By Brokengirl07 PLATINUM, Roy, Utah
Brokengirl07 PLATINUM, Roy, Utah
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I wanna know
What it's like to just let go
and not give a damn
Ohhh oh to live behind more then just this sham
Yeah I wanna know
Can I become who I was so long ago

If only you could see
This has never been the real me
I'm hiding somewhere deep down
To scared to come around
What will you think
Echos through my head
Ohh this question will be the death of me

I'm walking on eggshells
Finding comfort in thee empty stairwells
Where a shadow is a friend
and I try ohh I try so hard to mend
Back to who I used to be
Ohhh where I wasn't ashamed to call myself me


So I just wanna to know
When did I become this freak show
Where did I lose myself
Will I ever find me again
Or will I be stuck saying oh remember when
Ohh how could I let you all get the best of me
When I played myself so perfectly

If only you could see
This has never been the real me

The author's comments:
I don't have the best self-esteem, and I usually change myself when I'm with others to get along better. Truth is, I'm pretty scared to be the real me. Guess I'm just scared to be me, to scared of the judgement calls. But now I'm not so scared, I'm learning not to care. It feels pretty great not to.

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