September 6, 2012
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Just a push away from dying, just one step from falling
Nothing left but a broken heart and shards of glass
I've felt this before, I know why you feel
A grave would be warmer than sleeping alone tonight
You're someone I used to know, but then I found
A rope dangling down, but instead I used it to climb out
After someone else let me in then let me down
Now you're sitting next to me desperately wondering
How anyone can be so cold and how they can just shut the door

And I know, you can barely stand to walk away
It's sad, just how love drunk you've become

You fall to your knees, and look down
See your hands, clenched and knuckles blazing white
Now you understand that love is cruel
And love is blind, that's why it hurts so bad
When it takes a swing at you

SO just come home and go to bed
With any luck tomorrow you'll be better
You're on guard, but still you'll want more
As you realize you can't live without, you start to fade
Like candlelight that once burned in your eyes
So please, don't pull away, and I'll guide you
Like candlelight that once burned in your eyes

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