15 Years Along

August 29, 2012
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If it’s true what everybody says
After high school’s final bow
You’ll forget all the names and faces;
I can just picture it now
You’ll be cooped up in an office
Working hard with bills to pay
While I’ll be home with my little boy
Wondering how you are today

Tonight I close my eyes and suddenly you show up there
I can’t help it when I feel this way, and I don’t seem to care

If it’s true we’ll go our separate ways
(At least, in their mindset)
Why do their failed relationships
Turn their world to pain and regret
I wonder, then, if that’s a sign
That some things will muddle through
I just know that I can’t see
One week from today without you

Maybe it’s a hopeless reverie
Or that I don’t have a life
It could be how my parents tease
About me being your wife
Maybe I am just too young
With feelings far too strong
But, don’t tell me you haven’t thought
About fifteen years along

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