Done with You

August 23, 2012
By HannahD GOLD, Fort Wayne, Indiana
HannahD GOLD, Fort Wayne, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
"Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life a champion."-Muhammad Ali

-verse 1-
Toss and turn,
here we go.
The same old stuff
all over again.

You left me with
an open heart,
a broken heart,
and no more tears left to fall.

I laid there on the
bedroom floor,
hoping, wishing, praying
that you were there,
with me again.

-bridge 1-
Why did I think
you were going
to be different
from the rest?
I know now what
I wish I had known then...

Go ahead and bend me,
you're never going to break me.
I'm incredible and strong,
you're worthless and you're wrong.
I learned from you,
I grew from you,
and guess what-
I'm done with you.

-verse 2-
You gave me hope,
you led me on.
You played my heart,
you broke my soul.
It took a million men just
to put the pieces all together again.

I made it work
I gave my all,
you turned me down
you let me fall.
Slowly- I'm picking
myself up again.

-bridge 2-
Too many tears
too many times
I lost myself
I let time fly
I know now what
I wish I had known then...


-B section-
Someday you will realize
that you missed out on everything.
Now that we're done I'm out
living my life independently.
If you ever think about crawling
back to me, I'll save you the
trouble and tell you right now-


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