Move on

August 27, 2012
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They tell me to “move on”
Things will be better that way
Still locked in the spaces of that dawn
Difficult to just begin a new day

They say I‘ll be “okay”
Life will be easier before long
But it’s not easy when the world is just so grey
And everything seems so wrong

They tell me you need to “get over this”
Stop thinking about memories that disturb you
But it is that ray of sunshine that I miss
Nobody even realizes what I’m going through

Surrounded by the walls of dullness and murk
Trapped in the corners of my past
Heartbroken and deeply hurt
I guess nothing will ever be back

I know that it is just my soul that I really need
It’s like now I don’t even exist
No hope that I will ever succeed
I guess it’s lost somewhere along the mist

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