I will bow down

August 22, 2012
By Anonymous

I will bow down, I will bow down.
Lord break me apart, from all of the world, Lord break me apart. let me be of yours

that was then, this is now.
Lord teach me how, to Bow down

Lord I will bow down, Yeah I will bow down. Lord you know what I'll say but I'll say it anyway.

Lord i will bow down, I will bow down, Lord break me apart Break me a part let me be yours.

take away the pain, Lord give me a sign, I'm lost in it again, Let me see the light.

I will bow down I will bow down Lord you know what I'll say but I'll say it anyway these words in my heart are hard to explain.

lord break me apart Lord Break me, Break me. Let me be in yours

The author's comments:
i was at d-now at my fbc church and this band was there, The Whitlee Casey band and they kinda inspired me to write this song. I met them and they gave me a melody for the song, it was a really cool moment one i won't ever forget, it was one of my dreams come true to have a professional band just to hear my lyrics

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