August 13, 2012
By silviag GOLD, Dublin, Ohio
silviag GOLD, Dublin, Ohio
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When the night falls, draping, quiet
How it feels to lose the road
How the ears can pick up silence,
Ringing softly in the cold
Followed at the heels of time
And there it took me to my door
Followed sounds of bells and chimes
And dreamt they'd take me somewhere more
That if I'd somehow missed the signs
I'd be nowhere, I'd be no more

When the morning rises, blushing
Up I look and feel its shame
Deep within me, wishing only
That I had no form, no name
How the birds go singing softly
Swinging in the arms of dawn
Wishing wildly, wishing only
That I may like them, drift on
How it'd feel to wake one day
And to all mortal eyes, be gone

And when wind dances in the streets
Wish I, too, could join it there
Just a speck, a swirling piece
Of earth, debris dissolved in air
Free to land in distant cities,
Rest on lashes, cling to hair
And from there, be nothing still
With not a worry, not a care
Yes, to be one of those lovely things
That swirl free in winter air

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