Come Back To Me

August 9, 2012
By davinci SILVER, Palmyra, Virginia
davinci SILVER, Palmyra, Virginia
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Why does everything good
Have to come to an end
You know I didn't mean what I said
I want you, baby, I love you
Baby please...
Come back to me

My words don't mean anything
I'm sorry
Come here and talk to me
We can work this out
You don't gotta storm out
Everything will be okay
If you decide to please just stay
I'm here on my hands and knees
With only one thing to say
Baby, please stay

As I kneel here speechless
As you turn your back
I realize we're through
No get-togethers
No happy memories
No little you or me's

And my heart is cold inside
It's died inside
Inside of me
Oh, baby please...
Come back to me

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